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8' White Fir (Concolor) Christmas Tree

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Available in 8'

White Fir, the native Christmas tree:  A popular type of tree, in a league of its own, these trees are beautiful in color, offering a sea blue/green needle with a light white bark.  This is the manicured/sheared variety of the White Fir which is denser and thicker than the native. They still have the blue green flat needles but are shaped to be more conical and fuller.

These are our longest lasting Christmas tree and will not drop needles for months, in case you’re thinking about leaving it up until March. They also have a nice fragrance.  Each one is different and will offer different branch structure to choose from.

We also offer the unmanicured more natural looking variety. Look at our "Native White Fir" which have not been pruned and groomed to be the perfect shape. They are cut out of Southern Colorado and range in size from 6’-13’.  Sturdy branches with space in between, make them ideal to display lots of ornaments, lights and heavier balls.

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