Plant University

Classes geared towards making you a better plant parent.


All classes are free and will be held at Summerland Gardens from 11am to noon.

Saturday February 22
Houseplant Basics
: Class covers the basics, from how to pick a plant to where to put it. We’ll cover the basics on figuring out what kind of light you have, to watering.

Saturday February 29
Repotting 101
: This class will show you how to repot plants, give you guidelines on how to pick the right pot and discuss the differences plastic vs clay vs ceramic pots.

Saturday March 14
Basic Houseplant Botany
: Dan@Dalton Conservatory will discuss the basics of botany: learn how to ID plant families, understand how plants are named, and gain insight into the language of plants.

Saturday March 28
Seed Starting
: Class covers how to start your favorite plants from seed. This will cover all stages, from planting the seeds and maintaining seedlings to hardening off and planting them out.  We’ll cover soils, lighting needs, timing and transplanting.

Saturday April 11
Controlling Pests and Understanding Fertilizers
: You’ll learn about the most common pests that affect plants, from how to determine which insects you have to ways to control them. Part Two of the class will cover fertilizing plants. You’ll learn how to pick the best fertilizers for all your plants, understand the differences in formulations, and what signs to look for if plants need fertilizing.

Saturday April 25

How to Make Container Gardens: In this class we’ll teach the basics of creating your own container garden. Principles taught can be applied to all types of containers so you’ll be comfortable making your own terrariums, herb garden, hanging basket, vegetable window box, whatever you’re interested in creating!







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