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Swirl Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Summerland Gardens

16 oz Swirled Glass Hummingbird Feeder revamps everything you know about hummingbird feeders. The ant moat on top not only stops crawling insects from reaching the ports, but it also lays flat so it’s easy to fill. The glass bottle is a beautiful design and a great option for anyone who is looking for a long-lasting feeder. The perches are large and rounded to allow hummers to perch comfortably while they eat from any of the 5 bee-resistant feeding ports. The base comes apart in 2 pieces, and the bottle has a large opening for easy cleaning. All of the shapes and colors of this feeder will attract not only the older crowd of loyal feeders, but also a younger crowd of new and curious bird lovers.

  • Glass twist-and-turn bottle design interacts with the light for a unique reflection
  • Ant moat stops crawling insects from reaching nectar and allows bottle to lay flat when filling
  • Large rounded perches allow hummers to comfortably feed
  • 5 bee-resistant white & purple flower ports
  • No bees and more hummingbirds! Purple bee guards detract bees and wasps; research shows hummingbirds are highly attracted to purple in the ultra-violet color spectrum
  • Plastic base easily disassembles for cleaning

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