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Precision Pruners, Stainless Steel

Summerland Gardens

I once had a pair of stainless steel Japanese pruners given to me as a gift. I cherished them, then lost them somewhere along the way.  I've searched to replace that perfect precision pruner for over 30 years. These are the first I've found that have the ability, the ideal weight, the overall good feel of the pruner in your hand when you're trying to be precise.  I love how targeted you can get with them when making a cut. Perfect for bonsai. Or cutting flowers for the vase, small plants, littler branches. These exude confidence, style, and just a touch of arrogance. They say you know what you're doing.

All Stainless Steel construction. Rust free.

A simple brass lock keeps the blades safely closed when not in use. 

7.7" long. Supplied in a beautiful gift presentation box. 

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