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Stainless Steel Bypass Pruners

Summerland Gardens

You know what it feels like to hold these pruners in your hand? Pure competence, skill, ability, like a seasoned professional. These pruners give you the confidence to go forth and cut as you see fit. And enjoy every minute doing it. They're easy to use, the perfect weight, cool to the touch and just elegant. Cut some flowers with them, prune some perennials, cut back a houseplant. Perfect.

The handle, head and blade are crafted from a single piece of stainless steel, giving both strength and rust resistance. This garden pruner easily cuts growth up to 2cm in diameter, with a bypass action for making clean, healthy cuts on green growth. A simple brass lock keeps the blades safely closed when not in use.

Combining designer flair with practicality, this garden pruner is a delight to use. Smaller and lighter than some hand pruners, it offers excellent control and comfort in use. 

Presented in a beautiful tissue paper-lined box, this pruner makes a beautiful and thoughtful gardening gift.

Sophie Conran, of the well-known Conran British design dynasty, brings her contemporary country house style to a wide range of garden tools and accessories.

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