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Summerland Gardens

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Flowering Plants

Now's the time to add some color to your indoor world. It might be cold and snowy outside but it could be bright and cheery inside. Most are easy to take care of and will provide you with lots of blooms for some time. Ask us which ones would work for you.

valentine's flowers
houseplant classes

Plant Univeristy

Classes on growing and caring for plants!

Class Schedule

Houseplant Central!

We offer a great selection of all kinds of houseplants to add to your home. Great for purifying the air and bringing life indoors! We're stocked with the perfect plant for any situation, from low light to sunny windows. Stop by and we'll help you find your new obsession. Let's add some color, create some  beauty and liven up our winter world.

Coffee shop

Coffee Shop now open!

Join us in the jungle for a cuppa joe. Serving all the favorites from lattes and capucinnos to hot teas and chocolate.

We've moved! Find us at 806 Arcturus Drive just off of 8th street

We've started fresh in Skyway Plaza with more plants, better indoor space and the same fat cat.