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We are offering curbside pick-up and delivery to those that would like to limit their social interactions. You can also call us and we'll shop for you! Tell us what you're looking for and we'll find it.

We're also here for you if you need a safe place to come. We're following CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting and we've got lots of space to keep your distance from other shoppers.  We ask shoppers to observe social distancing guidelines of 6 feet apart.

We'll bring in spring even if we have to bring it to you!

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Hummingbirds are Back!

The first weeks of April mark the return of one of our favorite birds, the hummingbirds. Now's the time to fill your feeders and help them out, they've just flown all the way up from Mexico! Avoid pre-made mixes filled with unnessary food coloring, just mix 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Keep your feeders clean, Clean your feeders at least once a week.  New to hummingbirds?  Check out our feeders.

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 We offer a great selection of houseplants to add to your home and office. Great for purifying the air and brightening your indoor life. We have plants for every situation, from low light to sunny windows. Stop by and we'll help you find your new obsession. Let's add some color, create some beauty and liven up the winter world.

Coffee Shop Now Open!

Now serving your favorite coffee drink from lattes to capuccinos, and hot teas. Now's the time for a cuppa joe in the jungle.

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