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About Us

 excellence made easy

We are Summerland Gardens, a small, woman-owned, local business. We are a garden center, plant shop, cafe, & cat haven. We meticulously curate our selection, handpicking each item to ensure quality. Our dedicated team of plant specialists are here to empower you in achieving your garden or home goals, ready to provide expert guidance whenever you need. 

What makes us special:
- Our plants are always neonic pesticide free (we love bees and native pollinators)
- Knowledge of gardening in the Colorado climate, encouraging the use of native and non-invasive species
- Friendly and trained plant specialist staff who care for plants and their health 
- We prioritize local suppliers
- We thoroughly research everything we carry, only carrying the best and most reliable goods

your ease, our expertise 


Summerland Staff



Julie started the nursery in her front yard and expanded and moved to an old Hookah Bar/Sandwich shop on Cheyenne Rd. where she ran the nursery for 14 years. When urban renewal plans came for the property she moved the business to it’s current location and lived happily ever after. With a MS degree in Horticulture, Julie worked at various botanic gardens across the US. She was the Curator of the Tropical Plant collection at both Denver Botanic Gardens and the Atlanta Botanic Gardens. She was awarded a Fellowship through Chanticleer Gardens and had the opportunity to study tropical plants in their native land around the world. Her passion for plants all started with a half off plant at King Soopers. She is also a certified Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Professional.



Laramie grew up gardening with her mom in South Dakota then got a BS in Environmental Science from University of Nevada before finding a space in Colorado Springs. She is a Colorado Master Gardener, but is also a huge indoor plant person. Laramie is the true ‘Interpreter’ of Marley’s decisions, as they share a bond that allows Laramie to understand his wishes for the shop. When Laramie isn’t at Summerland she can be found hanging out with her pets.

Favorite Plants:  Laramie has a special place in her heart for upright philodendrons

Claim to fame: Her massive Florida green that's about to need its SECOND moss pole


Plant Care Specialist

Haiden’s life revolves around plants, she thoroughly enjoys her work at Summerland and caring for her plants in her personal life. She has a healthy love of learning and understanding more about plants of all varieties. Haiden truly is about plants, plants, and more plants, though outside of Summerland, Haiden can also be found outdoors with her dog.

Plant Goal: To have and keep a mother of millions alive

Claim to Fame: A Geranium she was able to keep flowering for 6 months, which further sparked Haiden’s love for plants.  


Plant Care Specialist 

Braxton’s love of plants was inspired by her nana, who enjoyed tending to her garden and taught Braxton everything she knows. Braxton has always been encouraged to be curious and to explore with plants, always striving to learn more. Outside of Summerland she enjoys drumming, collaging, and exploring the outdoors.

Favorite Plant: Chinese Money Tree and Ghost Pipes (Monotropa uniflora)

Dream plant: Staghorn Fern or climbing ivy over her future home


Plant Care Specialist

Coming from a background of owning and operating a successful local gardening company for 20 years, Debbie now graces Summerland with her knowledge. As an award winning garden designer, she has an eye for design and detail, knows her plants, knows the current deer favorite and is always willing to help you create your garden paradise. She is a Certified Interoperative Guide for outdoors. She is an avid mountain biker, enjoys cross country skiing, and consistently treasures her time in the great Colorado outdoors. 

Favorite plant: Although this is always changing, Debbie has a love for lavender for its aesthetic and medicinal value, and adores the way they attract bees.



Social Media Marketing  

Background in social media management in the nonprofit sector, but has always dreamed of an opportunity in a plant shop. When she’s not at Summerland, she’s probably making moss terrariums, hiking, or spending time with her 2 cats that she rescued from a cat colony as kittens. She can often be found at Summerland attempting to sneak pictures of the cats before they find out, though this is a noticeably difficult feat. 

Dream plant: An Anthurium veitchii, or any kinds of upright philodendrons 

Plant Goal: Remembering to refill the humidifier for her anthuriums

And we could never forget the shining stars of Summerland, our shop cats: Marley, Waldo, and Cleo!