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Nepenthes Care

Nepenthes Care & Maturity

July 07, 2022

Nepenthes are a variety of carnivorous plants often nicknamed Monkey Cups and are indigenous to Southeast Asia, particularly Borneo, and even Northern Australia. Nepenthes grow long, tube-like "traps" which contain a fluid of the plant's own production and is used to drown prey. This fluid contains viscoelastic biopolymers that are crucial to the retention of winged and crawling insects alike.

Watering: Keep soil moist at all times. Unlike other carnivores, the nepenthes does not enjoy bog-like conditions and should not be kept in standing water. Also more tolerant of impurities, but still prefers RO, distilled, or rainwater for long-term healthy growth.
Light Requirements: Bright filtered light.
Humidity Needs: Moderately high, 70-80% is ideal.
Soil Preference:
Prefers low-nutrient soils. The ideal mix includes equal parts long-fibered sphagnum moss, perlite, and - optionally - orchid bark.
Naturally caught or dropped bugs are the primary method of fertilization for this plant. Unlike other carnivores, however, the nepenthes also benefits from application of a weak foliar spray 2-3x/month during spring and summer.
Repot when root mass begins to outgrow its current pot or at least every 2-3 years to ensure soil quality.
Pet Safe: Yes
Dormancy Period: 
Common Issues: Rot due to standing water is the most common issue for nepenthes. Just remember that they do not prefer the same bog-like conditions as other carnivores.

Mature Nepenthes

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