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Pinguicula Care & Maturity

Pinguicula Care & Maturity

July 07, 2022

Pings are a carnivorous plant native to Mexico and central America where they grow on mossy limestone rocks and exposed outcrops. Their natural habitat also follows an annual wet and dry season, so many of the species have distinct growth and dormancy cycles, but regardless of season, their care is the same.

Watering: Keep wet at all times with distilled, RO, or rainwater. Best accomplished by a self-watering pot or immersion in a dish of water. Tap water will burn your ping's roots and lead to ongoing health issues.
Light Requirements: Moderately bright light from an east or west facing window. These plants also do well under 18-24w LED grow lights placed about 12" from the plant.
Humidity Needs: Moderate to high humidity is ideal provided good air flow is also offered. Can tolerate low humidity.
Soil Preference: 
"Ping Pot" with rock blend and optional living moss is ideal. Can also use one of the following: 50/50 peat and perlite; pure sphagnum; or an orchid potting mix.
Via insect consumption. Do not apply chemical fertilizers.
Only about once every 3-5 years to ensure soil quality.
Pet Safe: Yes
Dormancy: Does not require a dormancy period but will slow growth during cooler months.
Common Issues: 
Leaf rot due to poor airflow. Underwatering which can lead to browning/crisping leaves. Molding/rotting substrate which can lead to crown rot.

Mature Pinguicula Gigantea

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