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Dad's Day

Dad's Day

June 14, 2019

Father’s Day is tomorrow and if you’re still in search of something different to give dad, or any gardener in your life, we have a few suggestions. Stop by and we’ll show you more.

Carnivorous plants: Everyone’s intrigued by these insect eating rarities. Their ability to catch and digest live bugs to feed themselves is not only entertaining, but also useful to keep pests away. Venus Fly Traps are the most familiar, their leaves acting as traps to close around an unsuspecting fly. But there are also Pitcher Plants that attract their prey into large hanging pitchers. Once inside, the insects can’t escape and become food for the plant. Easy to grow bog plants, we’ll tell you how to keep them growing.

Tools: Japanese hori hori or weeding knife. This is an indispensable tool in the garden. It looks like a large knife with one edge serrated and the sharp for cutting. It can be used for digging, weeding, cutting roots, splitting perennials, planting seedlings and even has measurement markings on the blade for planting bulbs. This one tool can replace many. Hori means ‘to dig’ in Japanese and has been used

Fresh Herbs: Growing your own fresh herbs is not only just for cooking anymore. Using fresh herbs to create infused cocktails or teas is increasingly popular. Enjoy a summer night on the patio with a Thyme Lemonade, or a Raspberry Sage Smash. Maybe try a Cilantro Vodka Limeade or a Basil Mojito. We have the plants in our store and the recipes on our website,

Hand scrub: Gardener’s get dirty if they’re doing it right. There’s no better way of getting clean than with natural sugar or salt scrubs. Botanical and effective, these scrubs remove dirt, grease, glue, most anything active hands get into, and they leave your hands moisturized and presentable.