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Deer-ly beloved (or not)

Deer-ly beloved (or not)

June 07, 2019

Most of us enjoy living here because it’s a beautiful spot; the mountains are nearby, there’s open spaces, and nature abounds. And with that comes the wildlife we share this landscape with. For many this has become a love-hate relationship: we love having wildlife nearby, but hate them for eating what we want to grow. So as in any relationship, we are learning to compromise to make it work. Some put up fencing, others spray deer deterrents, and then, select plants that the deer tend to avoid.  We all know Russian Sage, Salvia and Marigolds, but here’s some others to try. Keep in mind, deer have individual tastes, one might hate something but another might find it appealing. Stop by and we’ll help you find the right ones.

Globe Thistle – Spiky leaves, blue globe shaped flowers, great cut flower, bunnies avoid it too!

Coreopsis – Tough perennial, blooms all summer, yellow or pink flowers, full sun.

Lavender – Every garden needs lavender, smells wonderful, purple flowers, full sun, bunnies avoid too!

Coral Bells – Grown for its colorful leaves, from lime green to purples and reds, hummingbirds love the flowers


Artemisia – Fragrant silver foliage adds texture and color, drought tolerant, different varieties, bunnies avoid too!