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Happy Mother's Day! (or Happy New Year)

Happy Mother's Day! (or Happy New Year)

May 10, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day! Which is actually Happy New Year! While the calendar marks January as the start of the year, Mother’s Day signals the beginning for the gardener. It’s time to plant! Garden resolutions are made, goals are set, dreams are made, flower fantasies swirl. What will I plant this year? What will I watch grow and flower? Smell every morning? Eat fresh out of the yard?

While setting your goals this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to consider Mother Earth. Our backyards are becoming even more important in providing habitat for birds, butterflies and bees. Remember not all bugs are bad. We’re lucky in Colorado to not have a huge bug problems. But bee and butterfly populations have suffered from chemicals, ask us for more organic solutions to control problems. Maybe plant some extra dill for butterfly larvae to eat, or plant flowers in your vegetable garden to attract bees. Add a hummingbird favorite to your patio pot.  It’s easy to incorporate a few of their favorites, ask us how.

And finally, consider planting something you’ve never grown before. The plant world is vast to say the least. Try something new that will challenge you, provoke you, inspire you, calm you or just simply bring you joy. There’s so much to choose from. Beautiful flowers, intoxicating scent, delicious flavor can all be yours this new year. We’ll help.  Happy Mother’s Day!