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Summerland's September Garden To-Do's!

Summerland's September Garden To-Do's!

September 18, 2020

September Garden Calendar for Colorado Springs

Here are some guidelines to help prepare your Colorado garden for winter and be ahead for planting in spring! Remember, El Paso county has a wide range of micro-climates - we’ve already experienced 3 seasons of weather in a matter of 48 hours, so be sure to keep an eye on your local weather when it comes to freezing temperatures.

  • While it’s still a little too early to plant bulbs, they’re arriving here at the shop! Shop now for your colorful favorites before they’re gone - but plan on planting them in October. Bulbs are an economical way to add early spring color when we need it most!  And, many are deer resistant!



  • Extend the season with a Fall salad garden! Some plants prefer the cooler weather such as lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula and swiss chard. Try one of these this year in your garden. Even better if you have a cold frame or plastic tunnel.



  • You can use fresh potting soil and grow a fall crop in containers, too!
  • Take care of weeds before they go to seed and establish roots before winter. 
  • Plant perennials! Fill in bare spots now for a head start in spring. Be sure to water through the winter.



  • Prevent disease and insects for your spring garden by cleaning up vegetables and annuals that are past their prime and need to be pulled.
  • Leave perennials and grasses alone until spring. They survive better and provide food and habitat for our birds and wildlife!
  • Fall's a good time to work on your garden soil. Top dress flower and vegetable beds with compost; this will break down over winter and will be ready for spring planting.



Fall can be a busy time in the garden. But it pays off with rewards in the spring!