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Sunny Succulents

Sunny Succulents

July 05, 2019

The popularity of succulents continues to grow. And for good reason, these are some of the easiest plants to grow. And because there are so many different varieties, from short to tall, green leafed to maroon, you’ll want to mix and match them to create truly beautiful combinations. Stop by and we’ll show you some of our favorites, from winter hardy varieties to tropical ones that will work well indoors. If you haven’t tried them yet, here’s what to love:

-Easy to grow plants with few demands. They can take it dry or, adapt to wet conditions in a particularly rainy year. They’re not too picky about soil so can handle rocky, sandy soils as well. They won’t suffer under the heat of summer and make great additions to more xeric gardens or areas that are tough to water.

-Colorful leaves make them interesting, even when not in flower. Most succulents are grown for their shapes and leaf colors, the flowers are an added bonus.

-Sun to part sun, adaptable to various exposures. Perfect for hot sunny areas or can adapt to part sun, mixed conditions as well.

-Versatile, can be grown in containers or planted in the ground. They work well with others, including incorporating them with annuals in containers, planted as ground covers, or in mixed beds or rock gardens.

Low Maintenance, they require little pruning, deadheading or care.

Hardy. Many varieties survive our winters and come back each year.