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Marley Sticker

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Get your very own Marley sticker! 100% of the proceeds will go to cat and pet shelters in Colorado! 

Stickers are 3"x 4"

Marley is our friendly, loveable shopcat and unofficial mascot. You've probably seen him hanging out (aka sprawled and sleeping) right at the checkout counter or on top of his friend Rosemary's cage, our shop Cockatiel. 

Here's his story: Marley was part of the trap and release program for feral cats that our friends over at the Pikes Peak Region Humane Society run. This program traps abandoned and feral cats out in the community, spays and neuters them, then re-releases them and manages these colonies all over town. Marley was known by the colony managers as an extremely friendly cat that always wanted to get caught so he could get a little extra food and some affection. They would have to catch Marley first then feed all the other cats so he wouldn't eat all the food and take all the attention.  Barb Jones, our local volunteer cat advocate saint, knew Marley well and felt he really needed to be around people and should have a forever home. She called us and the rest is history.

Marley Art Created by "Cats in Crayon" on Etsy

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