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Alocasia Melo Care

Alocasia Melo Care & Maturity

August 16, 2022

A five-o'clock shadow has nothing on this Alocasia Melo. Once you run your hands over the deeply ribbed and highly textured foliage, you will think you are caressing a walnut! These jewel alocasias, native to Borneo, have some thick cell walls so you won’t fear tearing their leaves as you smother them with affection. This species of Elephant Ear are rather slow growers, and rarely reach 2’ in height, so enjoy the slow road ahead. The alocasia maharani and melo look really similar, but the maharani has veins on it that are lighter than the rest of the leaf, while the melo does not.

Watering: Check weekly, water if top 75% of soil is dry. This alocasia does not tolerate overwatering well, so err on the side of caution.
Light Requirements: Medium to bright indirect sunlight. Tolerant of lower light, but not to the extent of a sansevieria.
Humidity Needs: Moderate to high, 70% and above is ideal.
Soil Preference: 
A well-draining potting mix is ideal. 20% perlite and standard potting mix is recommended.
Use a balanced fertilizer 1-2x a month in spring and summer. Cease feeding in winter months. 
Only as your plant becomes completely rootbound. Does enjoy being somewhat snug it its pot.
Pet Safe: No
Common Issues: 
Drooping leaves due to overwatering. Also keep an eye out for common plant pests that love the humidity levels of alocasias. The melo in particular will benefit from a regular foliar treatment of neem oil as a preventative measure.

Mature Alocasia Melo

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