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Alocasia Pink Dragon Care

Alocasia Pink Dragon Care & Maturity

July 20, 2022

Alocasia Pink Dragon, also known as Alocasia erythrorhiza ‘Pee Wee’, is a spectacular foliage plant that will grow to three feet in height and width. This attractive houseplant is native to Southeast Asia and can be found on the forest floor in tropical rainforests at elevations of 1500-4000 ft.

Watering: Check weekly, water if top 25% of soil is dry. Does not tolerate drying out
Light Requirements: Medium to bright indirect sunlight
Humidity Needs: 60-70%
Soil Preference: 
A well draining potting mix is ideal. 20% perlite and standard potting mix is recommended.
Use a balanced fertilizer once a month in spring and summer. Cease feeding in winter months. We recommend Grow, Kelp, or Fish Emulsion.
Pot up 2" in Spring or Summer when plant becomes root bound.
Pet Safe: No
Common Issues: 
Crisping due to lack of humidity is a common issue, a pebble tray nearby or underneath can assist. Also keep an eye out for common plant pests that love the humidity levels of alocasias.

Mature Alocasia Pink Dragon

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