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Begonia Conchifolia Red Ruby Care

Begonia Conchifolia 'Red Ruby' Care & Maturity

June 29, 2022

Begonia conchifolia red ruby ​​is a rhizomatous begonia native to Costa Rica and Panama.

Watering: Water when soil is about 1/3 dry. Begonia can tolerate some drying out and inconsistencies, but avoid overwatering.
Light Requirements: Filtered or dappled, bright light. Avoid direct sun to prevent scorching.
Humidity Needs: While many begonia benefit from higher humidity levels, the conchifolia thrives in levels around 50%. A humidifier or pebble tray can be helpful, but do not mist to boost humidity as this can lead to fungal issues.
Soil Preference: 
Prefers porous, well-draining, soil with plenty of organic content.
Regular spring/summer fertilizing can encourage bloom retention and overall plant health. A fertilizer rich in phosphorous is recommended 1-2x/month in spring and summer months.
Repot when roots begin escaping their drainage holes into a wide, shallow pot no more than 2" larger.
Pet Safe: No
Common Issues: 
Fungus is a common issue for begonia, avoid spraying/misting your plant or watering its leaves as a preventative measure.

Mature Begonia Conchifolia Red Ruby

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