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Geogenanthus Ciliatus Care

Geogenanthus Ciliatus Care & Maturity

August 04, 2022

One of the newest rare plants to hit the houseplant world, Geogenanthus Ciliatus is among just 3 varieties in this species, of which only two are available as houseplants. Geogenanthus is a flowering plant that comes from the Commelinaceae plant family, otherwise known as the dayflower & spiderwort family. This plant is native to Ecuador and Peru, where it grows on the rainforest ground. 

Watering: Enjoying staying damp. Allow top 1" of soil to dry in order to ensure soil isn't soggy but that roots are maintaining an ideal moisture level.
Light Requirements: Low - being understory dwellers in their natural environment, these guys truly enjoy shade and will quickly brown and lose color if subjected to bright light.
Humidity Needs: Moderate - high. Will tolerate as low as 50% but prefers closer to 80%.
Soil Preference: 
African violet soil is ideal or regular potting soil with added peat.
Will benefit from a half-strength fertilizer applied 2x/month during spring/summer months. Do not fertilize during fall/winter.
At least annually to ensure soil nutrition.
Pet Safe: Yep! These beauties are friends to our pets!
Common Issues:
Curling or limp leaves usually indicate the plant is too dry. Brown, dried-out patches along the edges typically indicate not enough humidity. Brown spots on the leaves or muted colors can be signs of exposure to direct sunlight.

Mature Geogenanthus Ciliatus


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