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Philodendron Florida Green Care & Maturity

Philodendron Florida Green Care & Maturity

July 06, 2022

Philodendron Florida Green is an interesting Philodendron hybrid of P. Squamiferum and P. Pedatum native to Venezuela and Brazil, that is often confused with other Philodendrons when in juvenile form. Pedatum's leaves have multiple lobes and are oak shaped while the petioles are red. Philodendron Florida Green is a climber and it will reach an impressive size if allowed to climb.

Watering: Prefers to stay moist without being soggy. Water when top 1-2" of soil is dry until water drains from bottom of pot. Do not leave sitting in drainage.
Light Requirements: Bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sun to prevent scorching.
Humidity Needs: Moderate, over 60%. Can be boosted with pebble trays and/or clustering with other humidity lovers.
Soil Preference: 
Requires a well-draining soil mix that allows water retention but helps prevent root rot. A peat-based soil mix with additional perlite is ideal. 
Regularly apply a well-balanced fertilizer during spring/summer months.
Repot in early spring/summer when soil is too compact or there are exposed roots. Repot a minimum of every 2-3 years to ensure soil nutrients.
Pet Safe: No
Common Issues:
 Overwatering leading to root rot and underwatering are the most common issues for maintaining a healthy Philodendron. Yellowing/discolored leaves = overwatering, brown/crispy leaves = underwatering. Spider mites and mealy bugs are also common pests.

Mature Philodendron Florida Green

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