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Philodendron Hastatum

Philodendron Hastatum "Silver Sword" Care & Maturity

June 25, 2022

Philodendron Hastatum "Silver Sword" is a naturally occurring, semi-rare Aroid which means it has all of the expected benefits of easy maintenance, propagation, and many ways to grow it.

Watering: Regular, even moisture. Water when top 2" of soil is dry
Light Requirements: Moderate to bright, indirect sunlight
Humidity Needs: Moderate to high, will tolerate low if supplemented with a pebble tray or cluster of humidity lovers.
Soil Preference: 
Requires a well-draining soil. It prefers moisture, but too much can lead to root rot. Perlite and a peat-based potting media are ideal additives to increase soil drainage.
Well-balanced fertilizer on a monthly basis during spring/summer and every 6-8 weeks during winter/fall.
Every 2-3 years to ensure soil quality during late spring/early summer. 
Pet Safe: No
Common Issues: 
Root rot due to overwatering/poor drainage is the most common issue for Philodendron Hastatum. Although resilient, the Hastatum is also still susceptible to common pests. Early detection and quick treatment is the best way to fend off both issues.

Mature Philodendron Silver Sword

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