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Dieffenbachia Care

Dieffenbachia Varieties & Care

July 30, 2022

If you've ever taken care of plants that have wild patterns on its leaves or stems, you'll know that these plants often require a bit more attention than plants that have plain looking leaves. The Dieffenbachia, however, is a plant that requires very little attention and actually thrives when you forget to water it for a few days. It's quite a forgiving plant and will also tell you very quickly when it's not happy, so you can adjust your plant care in time, before serious harm can be done.

Watering: Allow to dry out about 50% between waterings. This plant is drought tolerant but only to an extent and will droop when left dry for too long.
Light Requirements: Partial shade is idealAvoid direct sun as this will scorch your plants leaves or lead to drooping.
Humidity Needs: Low to moderate - Colorado household humidity is sufficient. 
Soil Preference: 
Peaty, well-draining soil is ideal. Peat or coco coir could simply be added to a general potting mix.
Will benefit from a well-balanced fertilizer applied 1x/month during spring/summer months. 
Annually or once roots begin to fill pot or emerge from the bottom. Will begin to stress if left in its pot for too long.
Pet Safe: No
Common Issues: 
Yellowing leaves due to overwatering or underwatering, be sure to check soil consistently for moisture levels. Leaves may also begin to yellow when soil nutrients is low indicating the need for a repot. Drooping leaves, however, are often an indication of too much light.

Dieffenbachia Varieties

*Not a comprehensive list of varieties

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