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Hoya Care

Hoya Care

July 20, 2022

The epiphytic hoya plant, also known as the wax plant, is a popular houseplant. With clusters of star-shaped flowers adorning it, this waxy-looking species survives with only the bare minimum of care. The family of hoya plants is 200-300 different species with multiple different cultivars. Some bear gorgeous and aromatic flowers, others are vines with a wide diversity of leaf shapes.

Watering: Water thoroughly when 75% dry during spring/summer, reduce watering to 1x/month during winter months.
Light Requirements: Filtered, indirect light. Direct sun for extended periods will scorch most hoya's leaves.
Humidity Needs: Moderately high, preferring 60%-80%.
Soil Preference:  
Well draining soil rich in organic materials. A soil mixture consisting of 1/3 perlite, 1/3 orchid mix, and 1/3 peat is recommended.
Benefits from a nitrogen-rich fertilizer during spring/summer months and a phosphorous-rich fertilizer while blooming.
Enjoys being rootbound. Repot every 3-5 years to ensure soil nutrients.
Pet Safe: Yes
Common Issues: 
These plants are most susceptible to rot due to overwatering or being allowed to sit in water.

Hoya Varieties

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